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Just an Average Day With Jesus

by Pastor Davis on February 16, 2014

Text: Mark 6:30-44

Mark chapter 6 signals the close of the very active and energetic Galilean ministry of Jesus. Mark’s Gospel, according to William Barclay, “is the nearest thing we will ever get to a report of Jesus’ life. Mark’s aim was to give a picture of Jesus as He was.” We are seeing “the real Jesus” here in the feeding of the 5,000! How did the miracle happen? The meal provided for those stranded followers of Jesus came in the multiplication of fish and bread as it passed through His hands and He blessed it. The miracles of our Lord were meant to provide us with helpful truth for our daily lives and to let us know He is really God. Notice with me:

The need for rest. (Mark 6:31) The Master had sent out the 70 to share the message of the Kingdom of God. They came back exhausted and ready for rest.

The rush of the crowd. (Mark 6:33) Ever wonder how 5,000 people came out of nowhere to hear Jesus? The word picture here is amazing! It literally says that the crowd just kept picking up from village to village with the news that Jesus was nearby.

The response of Jesus. (Mark 6:34) The people were “as sheep having no shepherd.” They were weary of the powerless teaching of the rabbis and they drank in this new Teacher’s words.

The reaction of the disciples. (Mark 6:35-36) In the previous verse, it literally says that Jesus began to teach and just kept on teaching until late in the evening. The disciples’ solution was to simply send the people away…

The resources at hand. (Mark 6:37-38) Jesus commanded His disciples“…Give ye them to eat…”  Jesus pressed them to bring what was at hand. It showed their own inability to meet the needs.

The reason for the miracle. (Mark 6:42-43) What do we walk away from this miracle with? All four Gospels record this miracle and the incredible impact it made. The lesson that “our God is sufficient” screams through this account! We too are “filled to satisfaction” with His provisions. We are challenged to realize our limitations and to experience His limitless love and power…