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P-R-I-O-R-I-T-I-E-S 2: Investment & Order

by Pastor Davis on January 12, 2014

We began last week looking at the importance of Stewardship by taking the word PRIORITIES and making an acrostic. We noted at the need to evaluate our priorities by starting with Prayer and Review. Remember from last week the highest goal for every believer is to use the limited resources to serve God, others and glorify His name

Investment. Author Dr. Wesley Duewel wrote: “Life is an investment. God planned it that way. For every hour we sow in our earth life, there will be millions of years of reaping during eternity. No life will ever end.”

  1. Who is involved in sowing and reaping? Every person is in the process of sowing and reaping.
    1. Christians living in full obedience to God and His Word are sowing true righteousness.
    2. Non-Christians living their lives apart from God and His Word are sowing the seeds of selfishness and sin.
  2. When do I start reaping what I sow? You can begin to reap some investments in this life. If you abundantly sow the seeds of kindness, helpfulness and good deeds, you will receive a bountiful harvest in time!
  3. How can I evaluate my investments to determine their worth from God’s perspective? The best litmus test to evaluate the worth of your eternal investments is love…
    1. How am I demonstrating my love for God?
    2. How am I demonstrating my love for my family?
    3. How am I demonstrating my love for my church?
    4. How am I demonstrating my love for lost people?


Order. We have looked at the importance of understanding stewardship from the standpoint of investments. Take it one step further: How can I order my priorities around the things and people that I am responsible for at this phase in my life?